December 6th, 2012

Сергей Кемский

Skiing in Crimea

Crimea skiingWinter has come, and many people want a weekend of skiing, sledding and snowboarding. Ukraine Vacation Guide discovered Crimean peaks where people can skiing this winter, both beginners and professionals. Of course Crimean mountains can not be compares with Alps, but those who can not visit an alpine  ski resort, Crimea is the perfect place for mounting skiing. Here is a unique combination of mountains and sea. Just imagine skiing down the mountain range looking at the winter seascape. Of course Ukraine tourism can provide better places for Ukraine ski. Carpathians are great, but in Crimea you can also enjoy sea air and wonderfull seascapes. You can think of other entertainment, such as jump from cliffs or the snow drifts. Chater Dag and Ai Petri are famous Crimean peaks that are very good for alpine skiing.